Jerry Norton – Residential Back Flip

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Jerry Norton – Residential Back Flip

Jerry Norton – Residential Back Flip

Learn about this brand new strategy for acquiring under water jumbo loans at huge discounts, then flipping them back to the original owner. In this training, you’ll learn step by step how to structure deals. Also included are all of the tools, scripts, downloads, etc needed to successfully Back Flip high-end houses. You’ll also learn how to get paid $10,000 just for finding deals!

Throughout this training, you may hear reference to earning “finder fees” for submitting deals. This option is not currently available.

Intro to Residential Back Flip™ Training

In this training video, you’ll learn about how the Residential Back Flip™ came to be, the importance of focus, the 3 truths about flipping residential, why most people fail flipping residential, and who this program is REALLY for.

Module 1: Three Types of Residential Flips

This section covers the 3 types of residential flipping and how you can participate (partner) with Peter and Jerry with each method. This is also where the Residential Back Flip™ is introduced.

Module 2: Understanding Instruments and Lending Practices

In this section, we cover all the key phrases, definitions, and instruments used in lending. Understanding this section is vital to implement the Back Flip™ Strategy. Also, this section covers the process of a mortgage and what a jumbo loan is.

Module 3: Residential Back Flips™ Undressed

In this section we explain the Residential Back-Flip™ strategy in depth. In order to fully take advantage of this amazing opportunity, it’s important to understand why and how it even exists. You’ll learn how to really jump in the game and start making money using a strategy with nearly no competition!

Module 4: Understanding Bank Troubles

This section dives into the troubles banks are having today and why they are willing to sell high-end loans at deep discounts. Jump into the boardroom of the bank and understand it from their perspective!

Module 5 Version 5.2: Structuring a Residential Back Flip™ Phase 1 Contract with the Owner

This section breaks down the 5 steps to qualify a lead, establish market value, pre-qualify the owner for an exit loan and determine the buy price, and get the owner under contract. This section also goes through several breakout sessions on calculating buy price and determining the debt-to-income.

Module 6 Version 5.0: Structuring a Residential Back Flip™ Phase 2 Fund and Close the Deal

Once a deal has cleared the 5 steps in phase 1 it must go through the 5 steps of phase 2. The goal is to progress to a closing! Here we go into detail about the legal work, bank negotiations, exit approval, funding and closing and most importantly celebration!

Module 7: Finding Residential Back Flip™ Deals

This section covers the top ways to find deals, and build a strong lead generation system. Also included are scripts to make sure you know exactly what and how to say it!

Module 8: Getting Paid on a Residential Back Flip™

This is perhaps the most important section of our training. Here we cover the different ways and methods to get paid for doing Residential Back Flips™.™

Module 9: Making Connections and Building Credibility

This is section of our training is designed to show you how to thrive doing Residential Back Flips™ and how to build strong relationships. In this session, you’ll learn more about positioning yourself as a confident decision maker who is a deal maker!

Module 10: Residential Back Flip™ EXPANDED

In this advanced training, Jerry goes through the many different ways to do backflips and how the program has evolved and changed since it’s inception. Learn some of the more advanced methods and strategies.

Bonus Module 1: Washington Post Article

A Review of a recent article in the Washington Post that talks about 50% of jumbo loans being upside down…

Bonus Module 2: Talking to Property Owner

Enjoy this Bonus Training Module where Jerry talks to a property owner live on one of the student coaching calls

Bonus Module 3: Positioning a Residential Backflip with Owner

Bonus Module 4: Creating a Windfall of Leads with Real Estate Agents

In this bonus video Jerry explains how to get real estate agents to bring you deals. Listen to a recorded call with Jerry and an agent.

Bonus Module 5: Presenting the Residential Back Flip™ to Real Estate Brokers and Home Owner Associations with Real Estate Agents

Learn another powerful technique to building a strong pipeline by going right to the top with the brokers and HOAs. Included with this module are 2 ready-to-use presentations for you to download!

Bonus Module 6: Helping Owners Decide Which Direction to Go After Receiving the Qualified Written Request (QWR) Letter

Listen to this recorded call by Jerry, Brent, and Thomas as they describe the next steps and options for an owner after a QWR response letter is received.

Bonus Module 7: Recently Completed RBF Deal

Check out this deal and learn some tips for doing RBF deals in this current market.

Jerry Norton – Residential Back Flip

Jerry Norton – Residential Back Flip