Mindvalley – Tune In

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Mindvalley – Tune In

Mindvalley – Tune In

Now You Can Trust Your Intuition

Discover Sonia Choquette’s Amazing 4-Step Method To Unlock Priceless Guidance From Your Intuition… Starting Today

In This Letter, You’ll Discover How To Tap Into Your Intuition To Make Important Decisions, Start A New Career, Improve Your Health, Find Your Soulmate, Attract Abundance & Even Realize Your Life’s Most Fulfilling Dreams…

If You’ve Had These “Unreal” Experiences…
This Is For You

Have you ever had an “intuitive” experience? One where you seemed to “know” what the outcome would be, even though you had no idea how you knew?

Maybe it was a glimpse you had had beforehand, or just a “gut feeling” about the future?

This is exactly what the onset of intuition looks like. And it’s available to everyone, no matter what they may choose to call it.

However, what most people don’t realize is that intuition is actually a skill — one that can be learned, practiced and mastered!

Imagine what you would be able to do with your life, if you somehow already had a “gut feeling” about the all the important decisions you were going to make in the near future.

If you could somehow master this “skill” of intuition, you would easily be able to make better choices (especially when it comes to life’s most important decisions), eliminate potential problems before they started to hurt you, and experience greater success, happiness and fulfillment by staying true to your purpose.

Now, unless you’ve been trained under masterful teachers — you’ve not been using these gifts of intuition the “right” way. In fact…

Most Of Us Are Trained To IGNORE Our Intuition

We’re told to be “rational” or “sensible.”

To “face facts” when making decisions.

To “think things through.”

To conform to society’s norms about how people “should” make decisions.

So we give in to social pressures.

But haven’t you noticed that this approach causes a whole lot of stress, procrastination and confusion?

That’s because…

When You Try To Figure Out Everything “In Your Head,”
Decision-Making & Progress Grinds To A Standstill

After all, we can never have all the answers before we make a decision.

And often the real reason we don’t make the right decision is because we’re trying to please everyone (rather than listening to our deeper self).

But here’s the thing:

When you are crippled by the fear of pleasing others, you’ll find you compromise on your dreams… and STOP following your gut instincts.

And — as you have experienced — this kind of sacrifice is unfulfilling… and rarely leads you in the right direction.

On the other hand, when you tap into your natural intuitive ability…

Your Life Can Be Infinitely More Fun & Easy

Think about it. Haven’t there been times in your life when…

You were thinking about a person, and suddenly the phone rings, and it’s them?
An answer to a problem suddenly came to you, when you weren’t even thinking about it?
You meet someone new and you have a sense you were destined to meet?
Something — even a funny feeling — told you to avoid a situation?
Something happened to you just at the right time, in a totally unexpected fashion, that helped you reach one of your biggest goals?
It felt good to be right, didn’t it? you were using your natural intuitive sense — without even knowing it.

Maybe you didn’t use the word “intuition” to describe these kinds of situations when they happened before.

But the truth is, it’s in you… and…

What You’ll Learn

Six Amazing Benefits You’ll Experience
When You Sign Up For Sonia’s Tune In Course


Experience An Ease & Flow To Life.

Feeling overwhelmed from your hectic job, endless to-do lists and demanding friends and family? Learn to tap into your intuition. You’ll be guided to better moments — from that parking spot when you need it, to meeting that next business partner — with ease and a sense of wonder. Seriously — life really can be a gentle yet exhilarating ride… no struggle required!


Enjoy Deeper Connections & More Significant Relationships.

When you follow the still, quiet voice within, you’ll strengthen your connection with the people around you, which helps you empathize with them. Plus, heightened intuition helps you sense what’s going on with your partner — so you’ll be a better lover and friend. (You can even use your intuition to recognize and release the relationships which are bad for you.)


Free-Flowing Inspiration & Creativity That Helps You Solve Any Challenge.

People with a developed sixth sense are able to manifest creative solutions, solve problems and even “pick the right answer” — way beyond the laws of chance. It’s often said that intuition and inspiration are two sides of the same coin — so as you get better at listening to your intuition, don’t be surprised to feel inspired, generate money-making ideas and solve problems… with ZERO stress.


Make Better Decisions… Instantly.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time and knowing in a heartbeat if they’re trustworthy (or not). Imagine if you could sense when someone is lying to you. And imagine if you could know — beyond a shadow of a doubt — what your heart is telling you to do in any moment. Well, this IS all possible!

The more heightened your intuition, the more you’ll be able to read people and situations quickly and accurately, and the more you’ll find yourself instinctively “making the right choice.” So stop for a moment and imagine the positive impact on your relationships, career, finances, happiness (and in every important area of your life) when you consistently make the best decision.


Attract More Money Like You’re Magnetized To It.

Picture this: you want to figure out a way to make an additional $1000 a month. You’d use this money to take your family on a vacation, pay an unexpected bill, or simply use the money to treat yourself.

Rather than fretting about what to do, you simply ask your intuition for guidance… and let go. Almost immediately, you start to receive guidance. You have a clear sense of what to do. You “attract” the money you need. It seems strange, but it’s been proven that people who tune in to their intuition make more money. In short: the more intuitive you get, the easier you’ll find it to manifest more money.


Live Authentically & Fulfill Your Life Purpose.

Best of all, your intuition is simply the whisper of your highest and most authentic self. This means that the more you follow your intuition, the more you’ll live in alignment with your highest self. You’ll start living with more integrity, personal power and overall fulfillment. Plus, every time you follow your heart, you’re one step closer to living your life purpose. Imagine that!

In fact, when you stop to think about it, your problems only start when you DON’T listen to your intuition.

The World’s Overachievers Use Intuition
To Create Extraordinary Levels of Success

People With A Developed Sense
Of Intuition Make More Money

For example, Professor John Mihalasky of the New Jersey Institute of Technology ran a series of intuition tests on a group of high-flying CEOs.

He discovered something exciting:

Of the CEOs with high intuition scores, 81% DOUBLED their businesses in just five years.

(Whereas only 25% of CEOs with low intuition scores achieved the same result.)

This experiment proved a strong correlation between intuition and the ability to attract more money, and showed how “gut feeling” plays an important role in making the right decisions.

Fortunately, with Tune In, you are safe.

You are now going to discover how to tune inward and “hit mute” on distractions in your life — so you can open up to the messages calling from your intuition.

Here’s Just A Fraction Of What You’ll
Gain After Taking The Tune In Program

You will:

Discover a simple four-step formula to “unlock” your intuitive powers… quickly, easily and with way more fun than you can imagine. So you can use this formula to rapidly gain insights and answers in ALL areas of your life.
NEVER make a decision you regret again… so you’ll never feel that despair in the pit of your stomach, when you made the wrong choiceor let opportunities pass you by.
Quickly get to the stage where you expect your intuition to show up. You’ll be given a clear technique to ask yourself what your heart and gut are saying (in any situation). Your heart is 5000 times energetically stronger than your brain, so you WILL get answers!
Learn how to get clear answers to any question. If you come up with “I don’t know,” it’s a clear indication that you are using your fear-based intellect and NOT activating your intuition. Sonia will show you how to fix this — fast — so you can start living your most authentic life.
Begin to follow and trust your vibes. Intuition is a natural gift, and you’ll learn to believe in it and trust it. Like a muscle, the more you work it out, the stronger it will get! (And the easier it will be to hear it.)
Avoid the #1 WORST mistake you can make when trying to listen to your intuition. Even if you do everything else “right,” your efforts will fall apart if you make this common mistake no one talks about.
And much, much more… you will discover how to tune inward and “hit mute” on distractions in your life — so you can open up to the messages calling from your intuition.

Course Information

A Practical, Easy, Fun & Rewarding Way To
Return To Your Natural Way Of Being

The way the Tune In is set up is simple. It’s a series of videos where Sonia invites you into her office to pick up her simple four-step plan that’ll help you tune into and “play” with your intuition. She will also provide effective step-by-step directions to let go of your frustrations and disappointments and experience the satisfaction and joy of an intuitively guided life.

There are four chapters in the course. Each chapter has three to four sections, each with a video lesson that’s less than 10 minutes long. Each video contains exactly as much information as you can absorb at one time without losing it.


Chapter 1: Waking Up

This is the first step. Before we embrace our intuition as the guiding force in our life, we need to let go of the tendency to seek direction, approval and even our identity mostly from the people around us. In other words: we are more often followers rather than leaders. Meanwhile, underneath we feel empty, hungry for meaning, restless, somewhat lost, and frequently ungrounded — as if we aren’t really inhabiting our own bodies.

This is why we keep ourselves so busy. This is a false reality we live in and this step will help you wake up to reality — where you’re in full control of what’s happening.

This chapter consists of three sections:

Section 1: Checking In
Section 2: Keen Sense Of The Obvious
Section 3: What’s The Problem


Chapter 2: Digging Deep

The second step in following our intuition is fueled by curiosity. We usually enter this step when we’ve experienced some type of wake-up call, yet we still feel hesitant to trust our intuition. We need more evidence that we can rely on what we feel in our hearts, before we make such a big change in our lives. So this Digging Deep step will be like falling in love: it’s exciting and intoxicating. It’s as if a giant curtain has been pulled back and we’re allowed to witness the profound inner workings of our true self.

As we start to dig deeper for reasons to trust our intuition, it’s almost as though the universe starts to flirt with us, teasing us with its own subtle affirmations that we are indeed on the right track, some of which may seem quite magical.

This chapter consists of three sections:

Section 1: Say What You Feel
Section 2: Clear The Deck
Section 3: Peeling The Onion


Chapter 3: Taking The Leap

This step involves moving beyond the parameters and perceived safety of your ego and relying on the mysterious, unlimited power of your inner voice for guidance. This can feel as though you’re jumping off a cliff, but you’re actually surrendering your ego over to a higher wisdom, which has a more solid foundation of truth.

This is where you’ll come to realize that what your ego knows is not all there is to know, what your ego perceives is not necessarily an accurate view of the world, and what your ego thinks is possible is not all that is truly possible. So you open to the universe and ask it to show you another, better way to live.

This chapter consists of three sections:

Section 1: Get Flexible
Section 2: Say Yes
Section 3: When The Rubber Hits The Road


Chapter 4: Entering The Flow

When you enter the flow, your ego steps aside and allows your spirit to completely take over. You receive uninterrupted guidance, direction, solutions, gifts, and even positive surprises from the universe every day. You place complete trust in the universe to take care of you in every circumstance and situation you encounter. You can expect assistance with every problem or challenge that arises, and you will receive it.

This is the step where you’ll realize that there’s no space between you and life, so you experience full, direct control of your life and a sense of absolute, authentic freedom.

This chapter consists of four sections:

Section 1: What’s Your Intention
Section 2: Let Your Authentic Self Flow
Section 3: The Ebb
Section 4: Flowing In Grace

Mindvalley – Tune In

Mindvalley – Tune In