Terms of Service

F.A.Q. ~ Frequently Asked Questions

1. What discounts do you offer?
ANSWER – We have Special Deal of any 4 products from our store INSTANT DELIVERY for 350$, other than that our returning clients are in some cases eligible for 10% discount.

2. What payment methods do you use?
ANSWER – At this moment we accept paypal payments, amazon gift cards and bitcoin. Additional payment instructions are provided on checkout.

3. Do you offer refund?
ANSWER – If we fail to deliver, if product comes with missing parts and we are not able to provide replacement, in such cases yes, interests of our clients are protected with us. We however do not refund buyers remorse.

4. How fast will my product be delivered?

instant delivery tag products get delivered same business day the worst tomorrow
products where dealing 3rd party to obtain it are 1-5 days the worst 1-7, if fails refund.

ANSWER – In most cases delivery will be instant (usually within few minutes) but it can also take from an hour to few hours, the most 24 hours, unless noticed and agreed that it might take longer.

Product Types / Delivery Time

any product tagged instant delivery (same day delivery 0-24h)

products in inventory zone (time delivery 1-5 days)

per request product we don’t have on site (1-21 days, usually it completes first week)

5. How long will my download be active?
ANSWER – Downloads come with 3 days expiry, 7 days expiry, if you need it longer (away from home/office) you need to let us know when it is your intention to download product. But support is provided until okok from both sides.

6. Do you offer support when I can’t get it to work?
ANSWER – Yes, any technical issue is supported free of charge from our side.

7. Is my personal data safe with you?
ANSWER – We don’t provide our clients details to any outside party under any circumstances and we don’t log on-site activity in any way that can be traced to or compromise our clients.

8. I want more than 6 product in bulk can I get special deal?
ANSWER – Perhaps but that will depend upon your selection and your status with us. So let us know what you had in mind.

9. Can I get a sample of product?
ANSWER – Yes, we provide any proof that you require (screen shots), sample file, video proof..

10. Can I request product that is not in store?
ANSWER – Yes, please let us know of your interest, and we will check if any deal can be made.